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What is Weeping Tile And Why Is It Important?

You may have heard us or other contractors mention Weeping Tile in your building, and the name can be misleading. Weeping Tile is not a leak or a sign of water damage but rather a structural tool to prevent dampness and rot from taking hold in your basement. It is built into many structures and is an integral part of waterproofing.

What is Weeping Tile?

Weeping tiles are also known as Drain Tiles. They work by collecting groundwater from the area around your structure and moving it safely away from your foundation. The water it moves could be anything from natural groundwater to ice melt to heavy rains. Fun fact, the original Weeping Tiles were made of Terracotta clay. Today they are made of plastic with holes in the tubing in intermittent points for water dispersal. This type of drainage is perfect for basement waterproofing but has other implementations, like in fields or outdoor drainage.

How Does Weeping Tile Waterproof Me?

A Weeping Tile System protects your waterproofing. This system runs underground and absorbs groundwater from precipitation, ice melt, or natural water sources that move towards your foundation. Then, it won’t affect your structure, so your basement doesn’t leak.

Can I Install Weeping Tile?

Installation is a labor-intensive process that requires expert knowledge about foundation work, waterproofing, and structural repairs. Your best bet for installing a Weeping Tile system in your home is to hire a professional. They will know how to do it and have an experienced crew. A poorly installed system will not work the way you want it to or keep your home safe, so in this case, a small investment is worth it to prevent a big expensive problem.

In the Greater Toronto area, there is a lot of precipitation due to the Lake Effect. So structural issues other cities wouldn’t think about are a big part of life in the GTA. An easy way to prolong the longevity of your home against the snow and rain is to install a Weeping Tile System. At GJ MacRae our experts have over a century of experience combined and have the expertise to make this project work for you.