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If you are a GTA resident noticing cracks in your home’s basement exterior, don’t stress! G.J Macrae is ready to serve you. Let our Foundation Crack Repair experts take care of you and your home. Cracked foundations are common in Toronto. Our team is dedicated to evaluating the issue and finding the right solution to ensure that these types of repairs are professionally remedied.

Understanding Concrete Crack Repair

It is normal for concrete structures to settle over time, causing the structure to fracture or crack. Now that we know it’s common, it is important for us to understand how to take care of these cracks properly. Concrete offers very little flexibility, causing solid concrete slabs, walls and pads to crack over time. A common reason as to why concrete cracks may occur is due to not having any form of rubberized membrane applied to below grade concrete structure. If this is the issue, we have the perfect solution to correct the seal of your concrete foundation walls the right way! Learn all about how we assess Foundation Crack Repairs on our website!

Exterior Crack Repair

Correctly identifying a foundation problem is key to Foundation Crack Repair success. The first rule of thumb regarding Concrete Crack Repairs is to understand that some repairs must be completed from the exterior of the foundation. An exterior method repair lasts longer than an interior repair. This is because interior foundation crack repair may still allow water penetration into the crack. Over time, this can cause interior coatings, injections or interior “membrane” to break down and fail. We know dealing with a Foundation Crack can be stressful for a homeowner, but with the help of our experts at GJ MacRae it doesn’t have to be. Nothing makes us happier than serving residents of the Greater Toronto Area with the best repair services to suit your home’s needs. Call to book your appointment today at (905) 824-2557!

What to expect during an exterior crack repair

You may be wondering where cracks come from? To answer your question, cracks usually form within the exterior of your foundation wall. An exterior repair occurs to prevent water and moisture from going into your foundation. When dealing with a foundation problem, our experts will evaluate all aspects during an inspection to find the best solution to suit your home’s needs.

  • Waterproofing concentrate prevents gaps or leaks. During this process, a barrier between the water in the soil surrounding your basement and home is created. This will help keep moisture out of the concrete. There are many different solutions when dealing with foundation Crack Repairs. It is important to remember each home is different and solutions will vary depending on your foundation. This is why it is so important to assess the problem accurately, no matter if it’s a crack, leak, or deterioration of the walls or foundation, the situation needs to be handled appropriately. To successfully repair your foundation, you must excavate to the footings, waterproof and correct the drainage. Air conditioning units, interlocking stone, patio stone, decking, asphalt or concrete walkways generally need to be removed in order to access the repair area.
  • Foundation Damage is when replacement comes into place. Our team will clean the exposed foundation wall with a wire brush, which removes all cracks in the foundation. We then use expansive hydraulic cement, which allows the rubberized membrane to achieve positive adhesion. Once dry, the first layer of rubberized membrane is applied by hand, followed by a layer of fiberglass mesh.
  • Fiberglass mesh gives rubberized membrane flexibility and movement over time, which allows it to move with the structure as opposed to against it – this is key. Another layer of rubberized membrane is applied onto the fiberglass mesh followed by a final layer of thick plastic.
  • Platon drainage board is installed last, which allows for decreased levels of hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls, enabling large volumes of water to vertically drain to the weeping tile system below. As this is occurring, the soil is power tamped every 6-12 inches to help ensure the following:
    • Drainage is consistent
    • Rubberized membrane and waterproofing system is locked into place
    • Restoration of the original grade within the repaired areas
    • Little to no settlement after completion
  • Lastly, a Termination Strip will be attached to the top of the Platon drainage board. After completion, our team is dedicated to leaving your project cleaner than when we started the repair. We use tarps during all of our repairs, ensuring that we never leave behind repair messes. We take pride in our work from start to finish, leaving our customers happy. Remember us for basement crack repair in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and more GTA areas at the best price and quality work. If you are interested in an inspection or learn more about Foundation Crack Repairs, visit our website or call us at (905) 824-2557!

Gavin MacRae is a professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has extensive knowledge about foundation issues such as settlement, and cracks as well as expertise in repair techniques. Gavin is also highly skilled in basement waterproofing using interior and exterior methods. He has worked with hundreds of homeowners to provide permanent solutions to foundation and basement problems.