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Structural Foundation Repair Services
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structural foundation repair services in Toronto

Dreaming of Foundation Repair in Toronto? Strengthen Your Property's Base!

No matter how beautiful your home is, if the foundation is not strong, none of the beautiful renovations done to the upper floors will matter in the long run. Having a robust foundation is a must for any home, and that is what everyone wants. If you have a foundation crack in your home, don’t worry, you are not the only one. It’s a common problem in Toronto due to several factors, such as significant changes in temperature, clay soil, poor drainage, and also the age of properties. Such factors are the main causes of cracks that weaken your home. Without a solid foundation, how can your home’s weight survive all of those circumstances? Simply, the answer is a disaster. Foundation wall repair can be a complex and challenging process that comes with its own set of potential problems. While it is essential to address foundation cracks issues promptly, homeowners should also be aware of the potential challenges they might encounter during the repair process. While repair costs may be a problem for many owners, there are other things to consider, like structural complexity, hidden cracks, and others. It is crucial to start foundation repair by planning carefully and with the help of professionals who have loads of experience.

The Most Trusted Foundation Repair Company in Toronto

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair is an entirely family-owned basement waterproofing and foundation repair company that has provided the foundation repair services and other related services in Toronto since 1975. We have almost five decades of experience providing basement underpinning services and foundation repair services in Toronto area. Having served over 10,000+ customers, we are one of the best structural foundation repair companies in Toronto. Our experienced staff combines the latest tools and repair methods to create an ideal solution for your home.

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been serving The GTA, Hamilton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, and surrounding areas since 1975. Need structural foundation repair at your home? Call us today!

Why Structural Foundation Repair?

structural foundation repairs services in toronto

Structural foundation repair is the process of addressing and resolving issues or damage to a building’s foundation that affect its structural integrity. When working in structural foundation repair, it’s crucial to identify and rectify problems that may compromise the stability and safety of the entire structure. It typically involves a thorough assessment and analysis of the foundation’s condition by qualified professionals such as structural engineers or foundation repair specialists. They inspect the foundation for signs of damage, such as cracks, settling, bowing, or shifting. Once the issues are identified, appropriate repair methods and techniques are employed to restore the foundation’s stability.

Structural foundation repair is done for several reasons, all of which revolve around ensuring the stability, safety, and longevity of a building. Here are the main reasons why structural foundation repair is necessary:

Restore Structural Integrity

The foundation serves as the base on which the entire building rests, which is why any damage or deterioration in the foundation can compromise the structural integrity of the entire building.. Structural foundation repair is performed to restore the stability and strength of the foundation, preventing further damage and ensuring the building’s structural integrity remains intact for decades to come.

Address Foundation Issues

Foundation problems can manifest in various forms, such as cracks, settling, bowing, or shifting. These issues can arise due to factors like soil movement, water damage, inadequate construction practices, or natural disasters. Structural foundation repair is done to address these problems and rectify the underlying issues causing the damage.

Prevent Further Damage

Foundation issues tend to worsen over time if left unaddressed. Cracks can widen, settling can become more pronounced, and structural components can become compromised. By undertaking structural foundation repair, further damage is prevented. Repairing the foundation in its early stages can help avoid more extensive damage and mitigate potential safety hazards.

Ensure Safety

A compromised foundation poses a safety risk to the occupants of a building. Uneven floors, leaning walls, or shifting structures can lead to accidents and injuries. Basement foundation structural repairs aim to rectify these issues and create a safe living or working environment for the occupants of the building.

Preserve Property Value

The worth of a property is closely linked to the health of its foundation. The occurrence of the basement foundation problem is considered heavily on its estimated value. A solid and stable foundation is essential for maintaining property value. By undertaking necessary structural foundation repairs, property owners can preserve and potentially increase the value of their investment.

For effortless foundation repair in Toronto, just reach out to us. We’re here for you!

Signs of a Bad Structural Foundation: Recognizing Red Flags Early

A solid foundation is important for the stability and integrity of any structure. Identifying signs of a compromised foundation can prevent further damage and costly repairs. Here are some key indicators to watch out for:

  • Cracks in Walls and Floors: Cracks that appear on walls, especially those wider at the top or bottom, can indicate foundation settling or movement. Flooring tiles, hardwood, or concrete can also show cracks or unevenness.
  • Uneven Floors and Sloping: Floors that slope or feel uneven when you walk across them suggest that the foundation might sink or shift unevenly. This could impact the overall stability of the building.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows: Difficulty opening or closing doors and windows could be due to the foundation shifting, causing misalignment of the frames.
  • Sagging or Bowing Walls: Walls that are sagging or bowing on the interior or exterior indicate foundation issues affecting the structural integrity.
  • Basement Water Leakage: Water seepage or dampness in the basement can point to foundation cracks, allowing moisture to enter. This can lead to mold growth and weaken the foundation over time.
  • Separation of Exterior Elements: Separation of porches, decks, or other exterior structures from the main building can indicate foundation movement.

Recognizing these signs can make a significant difference in addressing foundation problems timely. Remember that your home’s foundation is a critical component of its structural integrity, and any foundation crack repairs should be taken seriously to avoid potential complications down the line. If you need any help or want foundation repair in Toronto, contact us. We are on your reach.



Initial Assessment:

We conduct a detailed inspection of the foundation when we look for signs of damage such as cracks, partial foundation collapse, significant signs of foundation decay or movement, settlement, uneven floors, bowing walls, or water intrusion. We will also determine the underlying causes of the foundation issues, such as soil movement, poor construction, hydrostatic pressure, or inadequate drainage. The assessment may involve taking measurements, conducting soil tests, and using specialized equipment like inclinometers.

Diagnostic Testing

In some cases, additional diagnostic tests may be performed to gather more information about the foundation's condition. These tests include soil borings, hydraulic push tests, and ground-penetrating radar surveys. Diagnostic testing helps us understand the soil composition, load-bearing capacity, and the extent of the damage.


Engineering Analysis and Design:

We will analyze the data and develop a repair plan based on the assessment and diagnostic test results. We will design the appropriate solutions to address the specific foundation issues. This may involve determining the necessary repairs, such as underpinning, partial or full foundation wall rebuild, helical piers, carbon fiber installations, or conventional wall reinforcement. Factors like soil type, foundation depth, structural loads, and local building codes are also considered when designing the repair plan.



Excavation is necessary if the repair requires accessing the foundation's footings. The area around the affected foundation walls or floors is excavated to expose the foundation and footings for repair work. Excavation may be done manually or with heavy machinery, depending on the size and accessibility of the site.


Underpinning and Slab Jacking:

Underpinning is a standard method to stabilize and strengthen a foundation that has settled or lacks adequate support. Different underpinning techniques are employed based on the specific needs of the foundation and soil conditions. Slab jacking is typically used for concrete slab foundations that have settled or become uneven. Small holes are drilled into the sunken or damaged slab, and a cementitious grout mixture is injected beneath the slab.


Foundation Repair:

Various repair methods may be employed depending on the specific issues identified during the assessment. Cracks in the foundation walls or floors can be repaired with rubberized membranes and hydraulic cement Carbon fiber straps or steel braces may be installed on bowing or leaning walls to provide additional support and prevent further movement. Extra concrete or steel reinforcement may be added if the foundation requires strengthening.


Waterproofing and Drainage:

Addressing water-related issues is crucial for long-term foundation stability. Waterproofing systems such as membranes, coatings, or drainage boards may be installed on the foundation walls to prevent water intrusion. Drainage systems, including inside weeping tile systems, french drains, sump pumps, or exterior grading, are implemented to redirect water away from the foundation and prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure.


Backfill and Site Restoration:

Once the repairs are completed, any excavated areas are backfilled with suitable soil and compacted properly to provide support. The surrounding landscape is restored as closely as possible to its original condition, including regarding the terrain, reseeding or replanting vegetation, and reinstalling any hardscape elements that were temporarily removed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Strengthening a foundation generally requires professional intervention. Steps you can follow to strengthen a foundation:

  • Consult a Structural Engineer: Before making any changes, consult a structural engineer to evaluate your foundation and its current condition. Then s/he can recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Water Management: Proper drainage around your home can prevent water-related issues that weaken foundations.
  • Foundation Underpinning: This involves strengthening the foundation by extending it deeper into stable soil.
  • Reinforcement Techniques: Techniques like carbon fiber straps or steel braces can be used to reinforce and stabilize foundation walls.
  • Proper Maintenance: Regularly inspect and address minor issues to prevent them from becoming major problems.

The most common causes are soil settlement, clay soils that expand and contract with changes in moisture, improper foundation construction, erosion, and tree root damage. Toronto’s clay-rich soil is prone to movement.

The most common causes are soil settlement, clay soils that expand and contract with differences in dampness, improper foundation construction, erosion, and tree root damage. Toronto’s clay-rich soil is prone to movement.

  • Signs include cracks in walls and ceilings
  • sticking doors and windows
  • sloping floors
  • gaps between walls and ceilings
  • bowed basement walls and exterior cracks

If you notice any changes in your home, getting a foundation inspection is best.

Costs can differ depending on your home’s size, the damage’s extent, and the foundation repair method used. Simple crack injections cost $500+, while complete underpinning can cost $10,000 to $20,000+. Get multiple quotes.

Not addressing foundation repairs can lead to increased risks over time. These risks include structural instability, worsening cracks, moisture infiltration causing mold and mildew growth, compromised property value, and potential safety threats for occupants.

Commonly following methods are used for foundation repair:

  • Underpinning with steel piers or helical piers.
  • Slab jacking or mud jacking.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement for walls.
  • Waterproofing solutions such as exterior excavation and drainage systems.

The duration of a foundation repair project can vary significantly based on the extent of damage and the chosen repair method. Minor repairs take a few days, while more extensive projects involving excavation and underpinning could take several weeks to complete. Consult with a professional to get a detailed estimate for your specific situation.

Why Choose us?

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair is one of Toronto’s most renowned and experienced companies that provides structural foundation repair services. We have been providing foundation repair services in Toronto for almost 50 years. We have carried out thousands of basement underpinning projects and delivered quality workmanship to date. Our highly experienced staff have the skill and composure to perform the task safely. If carried out without proper experience, structural foundational cracks can significantly threaten the entire house. You should always work with a professional, experienced company like GJ MacRae Foundation Repair in Toronto.

Through the years, GJ MacRae has worked with 10,000+ customers and has been featured on popular sites like Homestars, HGTV, and Google Guaranteed. We are a completely family-owned company that also provides a transferable warranty. Along with foundational repair services in Toronto, we offer underpinning, basement waterproofing, french drain installation, weeping tile system installation, sump pump installation, and window wells installation services.

15 years guarantee gj macrae

A Word from Our Customers

Joseph PastorJoseph Pastor
16:15 24 Jan 23
Excellent service from beginning to end. We would highly recommend this company. Dean assessed the problem (water leaking into our furnace room as a result of a window well that another company had incorrectly installed previously) and provided a thorough estimate detailing every aspect of the project. He then scheduled the job to be done before the big winter storm that had been forecast. The crew arrived exactly on time and completed the job, to the very best professional standard, in less than a day. We are so glad we chose G.J. MacRae. Thank you very much.
Lisa NeedhamLisa Needham
19:43 11 Nov 22
Amazing Service! GJ MacRae Foundation repair provided timely and superior quality service. Everything went exactly as planned from our initial consult and quote. Workers were on time, the quote was accurate and the work was high quality. We have a perfectionist contractor and he was incredibly impressed with Gavin and the team and he noted that the work was exceptional Inside and out on the project. The site was was clean and looked perfect when completed. Would highly recommend this service to our friends and family and others looking for this type of work! We can’t say enough good things and are so thankful!
16:24 11 Nov 22
Our second time utilising GJ MacRae Foundation; separate issues. Their professionalism and respect for their clients is highly commendable. Office team, sales and on-site crew all compliment each other.Highly recommend GJ MacRae Foundation company!
Kate PapadopoulosKate Papadopoulos
23:28 10 Apr 22
My fiancé and I can not say enough amazing things about GJ Mcrae. As first time home owners with water damage in our basement, GJ mcrae took care of everything so quickly and we’re extremely professional, reducing any worries we had. Would recommend this company over and over again. Dean was so easy with work with and continued to support us throughout the process. Thanks so much for the amazing job.
Adam DAdam D
19:38 11 Oct 20
We had GJ Macrae underpin our 1890s house in Leslieville over the summer. The team showed up on time every day, the project moved so smoothly. I wish I had another basement for them to underpin.Highly recommend GJ Macrae for any basement or underpinning work. The final result looks fantastic, we have a beautiful basement, with nice tall ceilings!The whole team was a pleasure to work with! 5 stars!

Industry-leading GJ MacRae Waterproofing Services

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair provides customers with top-notch services in structural foundation repair services in Toronto. There are various Waterproofing Services available such as Basement Waterproofing, Interior/Exterior Weeping Tile Systems, Sump Pumps Installation, Crack repair, etc. Over 48 years of experience and 10,000+ satisfied customers from Toronto, our licensed specialists are completely confident that we can guarantee the best results with the most reasonable price and warranty for each type of project request.


Basement Waterproofing Toronto

We specialize in basement waterproofing services for below grade concrete block, poured concrete, field stone, and rubble stone foundation walls. With over 48 years of service in the GTA and backed by the most reliable warranty in the business, see what the GJ MacRae difference is all about.


Foundation Crack Repair Toronto

Is there a crack in your poured, block, or rubble stone foundation wall, and is this crack allowing water to leak into your basement? Why do interior crack repair methods simply not work? Trust the experts and see why GJ MacRae Foundation Repair carries the most reliable crack repair warranty in the business.


Weeping Tile Systems Toronto

A century-old technology, reborn! Our services also include interior and exterior weeping tile systems coupled with deep insights and experience relating to all things drainage. Ask us about the difference between interior and exterior drainage methods and enjoy the benefit of our expertise!


Sump Pumps Toronto

Sump pumps and sump basins are an integral part of all below grade drainage strategies due to their simplicity, reliability, low cost and proven effectiveness. Ensure your sump pump, basin and battery backup system are well maintained and ready for the next big rain or thaw.


Structural Wall Repairs Toronto

Is the structure of your home moving and is this movement accelerating as the years pass? The sooner the integrity of your foundation is restored, the better. We have a full line of time-tested, certified structural foundation repair solutions tailored to your scope and budget.

crumbling foundations

Crumbling Foundations Toronto

Are your foundation walls spalling, eroding or fragmenting? Is this damage accelerating through the years? Stopping moisture penetration through your above grade concrete structure is imperative. We offer brush parging, s-type, adhesive, mesh, fiber and thermal-slurry solutions for a lasting barrier.


Basement Underpinning Toronto

GJ MacRae are pioneers of the overflow underpinning method in the Greater Toronto Area. Our underpinning process allows for safe, reliable vertical increases in basement ceiling height that can turn crawl spaces into full living quarters; and all for less than a standard second story addition.


Structural Carbon Fiber Toronto

When your foundation walls begin to show signs of cracking or bowing it is generally an indication of severe exterior lateral pressure from tree roots, hydrostatics or poorly draining soil. Click here to find out more about our full line of carbon fiber foundation reinforcement applications.

Window Wells

Window Wells Toronto

Basement windows are a great source of natural light and can also act as a designated fire escape, but what happens when window wells begin to deteriorate, clog and leak? Our hand excavated exterior window well repair solutions are permanent and allow for unimpeded drainage all year long, guaranteed.

Get the Most Out of Your Home with a Structural Foundation Repair in Toronto

Well, it’s not the time to worry about foundation cracks because repairing structural foundation cracks today has never been easier! Repair all hidden cracks troubling your home now, which can be a significant problem in the future. Contact us today for a free consultation. Fill out the form below or contact us at (905) 824-2557 for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Waterproofing a basement is the technique of preventing water from entering a building or home’s basement or crawl space. It is crucial because structural issues, mold development, and health risks can result from water damage.

Heavy rain or snow, poor grading, blocked gutters or downspouts, foundation fractures, and plumbing leaks are some of the typical causes of basement water damage.

French drain installation, interior waterproofing, and external waterproofing are a few techniques that may be used to waterproof a basement. Exterior waterproofing entails placing a waterproof membrane on the outside of the foundation walls, and interior waterproofing entails building a drainage system and sump pump inside the basement. In order to move water away from the home, French drain installation entails constructing a perforated pipe around the foundation perimeter.

Despite the fact that there are some DIY basement waterproofing kits on the market, it is often advised that you employ a professional to make sure the job is done correctly and to prevent any potential mistakes that might lead to more water damage.

The basement’s size, condition, and waterproofing technique can all affect how long and how much it will cost to waterproof a basement. If you want a more precise estimate, it is advisable to contact with a specialist.

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