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Gravity Fed Drainage Solution: French Drain with Dry Well

When a French drain and dry well are combined, you get a highly effective drainage system that operates with the help of gravity, and even though French drains and dry wells are ancient systems, they are still quite effective for drainage purposes. Essentially, a dry well is a pit dug away from your home that collects excess water from your home and slowly percolates the water into the ground.

A French drain is a drainage system that drains water collected from your house safely away from your foundation walls. Trenches are dug around your property, and weeping tiles are laid on these trenches. These French drains carry water to the dry wells and collect the water in those wells. The dry well then does its job. The process is straightforward, effective, and a popular above-grade draining technique, and installing a French drain with a dry well is a very economical drainage approach.

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French Drain and Dry Well Installation Experts in Toronto

GJ MacRae is a complete basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in Toronto. We provide a full basement waterproofing solution to keep your basement dry. We also offer French drain installation and dry well installation services. Having a proper drainage system around your home is just as important as having a suitable waterproofing system in your basement. With an appropriate drainage system, the efficiency of your waterproofing system is maintained.

We have almost five decades of experience providing drainage solutions in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are well knowledgeable in all kinds of drainage solutions. Installing a French drain and a dry well is one of our expertise. Despite being a simple process, establishing a dry well and a French drain is challenging to master. And over the years, GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has perfected the process. Our team performs detailed research in selecting the ideal location for installing the dry wells. Also, it determines the size of the dry well, keeping in mind the rate of percolation and the depth of the water bed around your property. We can guarantee a high-performing dry well with a proper French drainage system. Our attention to detail and expertise make us one of Toronto’s best dry well and French drain installation contractors.

Dry Well and French Drain Installation Process


The first step is to determine a location to install the dry well. We make sure that the dry well is far away from your house. We dig a hole around 4 feet deep and perform a percolation test. If the pit fills with groundwater, the location is unfit for installing a dry well, as the water will not drain. But if groundwater does not serve the hole, we pour around 5 gallons of water into the hole and check the drainage speed. If all calculations are correct, we choose that spot for dry well installation.


We then install a dry well with a suitable capacity. The dry well capacity is selected based on the amount of water to be drained. A high-capacity dry well is installed if the area receives high rainfall or the house generates more excess water. Otherwise, a medium-capacity dry well works just fine.


Then, we dig trenches to install French drains. We dig around 3-foot-deep and 12” inch-wide trenches. We give about 1-inch slop for every 8-10 feet of trench. Doing this can help water flow away from your property.


We then lay a filter fabric to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the drain pipes. We install perforated pipe in the trenches. We pour gravel all around the weeping pipes. The downspout extension and the sump pump outlet are connected to one end of the weeping tiles. The other end of the weeping tile is connected to the dry well. All excess water from the downspout, sump pump outlet, or from the soil is carried through the French drain into the dry wells.


Another layer of gravel is poured over the French drain, and the backfilling is done to restore the original grading. We then clean the area, and the process is complete. There you go, a perfect drainage system that operates with the help of gravity.


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Some Kind Words From Our Customers

Robert Sraka
Robert Sraka
From our initial discussion with Dean through to the completion of the project I was most impressed with knowledge and professionalism. We had foundation damage from a tree root and they took the time to explain what was required and the steps involved in rectifying the situation. I highly recommend GJ MacRae for any foundation work you may need.
Wendy M
Wendy M
The extremely labour-intensive work done on our heritage home basement by the staff at GJ MacRae was nothing but impressive! They handled it all with great care, attention and finesse every step of the way. Thank you!
Lisa Nicholson
Lisa Nicholson
Our experience with Gavin went very well. We are very pleased with the quality of work that was done. They did an excellent job repairing the leaks and the cleanup was great too. Gavin was a pleasure to deal with. He was very professional and pleasant. We highly recommend this company.
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams
Honest, courteous, thorough, professional, reliable, on-time, clean and trustworthy. Solved our home’s basement water concerns caused from living on the flood plain (water table). Would definitely recommend GJMacRae Ltd as the company to fix your wet basement. Dean and his crew’s attention to detail solved the various challenges of our 91 year old home.
Maria Aleman
Maria Aleman
Dean, came out right away after we noticed water in our basement and provided an estimate. Communication with him was easy and he answered all my questions. Work was done within the week. I had a great experience and will recommend to others.
Jakob Backstrom
Jakob Backstrom
Gavin and his team did a great job. Right from quoting the job I had confidence they can do the job well and had the experience. Great videos on their website really help you understand what’s involved in foundation repair.
Job was done in 2 days which I was amazed it could be done that quickly! That’s a lot of pails of concrete and rock that had to be shuttled in and out of the house! The guys were all very friendly and let me know everything that was being done and answered all my questions! The bowed wall looks solidly supported now with carbon fibre strapping and the water found beneath the floor is now being safely routed through newly installed Plastic Weeper to our sump. We now have peace of mind that we can finish the basement with no leaks or crumbling walls! Thankyou Gavin, Maggi, Ricardo and Jay!
Debra Gold
Debra Gold
We would like to express our gratitude to G.J. McRae for the exceptional job they did in restoring our peace of mind. Every time it rained or snowed, our basement would leak, causing us great distress. However, the crew from G.J. McRae arrived promptly, worked diligently, and efficiently resolved the issue. They even left our backyard in excellent condition, cleaning up after themselves. We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service and for making us feel confident that the problem is now completely resolved. We are so happy to be able to not worry about this any longer.
Tricia LaDouceur
Tricia LaDouceur
Workers were on time and professional. Quality and value for money. My only issue was the concrete poured was a little uneven causing a small lip near the drain. We managed to smooth it out. Would highly recommend GJ MacRae Foundation Repair.
John Prostran
John Prostran
Very happy with the work done by the GJ Macrae team. Recommend them to anyone for the quality of their work and the amazing warranty, that provides a piece of mind, that they have.

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Divert Water Away From Your House

Even though French drain and dry wells are quite a simple technology, they exceed expectations regarding drainage. They are one of the most reliable methods of draining water from your house without complications. The perforated pipes do an excellent job of collecting water from the soil, and dry wells contain excess water and slowly drain it away from your house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basement Waterproofing is a method that prevents water from penetrating through the concrete foundation walls of your house. Basement Waterproofing is vital because it helps to keep your basement dry.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the solution to a waterproofed basement generally requires a design specifically tailored to your issues directly. Call us today for a quote; we would be happy to develop a repair plan for you!

Short answer: Yes. But you must work with a professional basement waterproofing repair company to produce a solution that delivers a long-term result.

This process generally has two steps: Repairing the crack with hydraulic cement is typically the first step. Then, that patch is properly waterproofed with a rubberized membrane afterward. These are two separate issues and need to be addressed with different solutions.

Efflorescence – a calcium mineral deposit left behind after water or moisture was present on concrete.

GJ MacRae provides solutions with long-term warranties. Considerations include the type of waterproofing system and the sump system you install. Different options offer different levels of protection.

Some of the most common sources of basement water damage include leaky basement walls, clogged or damaged weeping tile systems, foundation wall cracks, leaky window wells, and faulty or damaged basement sump pumps.

Recurring leaks in your basement walls, floors, or ceiling are a hassle to clean up and create a damp environment that serves as a breeding ground for mold and wood rot. Mold growth can seriously damage your basement walls, possessions, and indoor air quality, so keeping your basement dry is crucial.

Hydraulic cement is an expansive-masonry-based product used to patch cracks in concrete walls and stop water and leaks in concrete and masonry structures. It is a type of cement, similar to mortar, that sets extremely fast and hardens after it has been mixed with water. It is used widely in the construction industry, sealing structures below grade and where structures can be affected or submerged in water.

At GJ MacRae, we pride ourselves on providing permanent solutions and stand behind our work with an industry-leading fully transferable warranty. Most of our foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair work is backed by a 15-year transferable warranty.

Expert Waterproofing Services for Your Home

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been the industry leader for reliable basement waterproofing in the Greater Toronto Area Since 1975. Nearly five decades of experience inform our proven multi-stage repair process based on below-grade drainage considerations that allow us to waterproof concrete blocks, poured walls, and stone rubble foundation walls properly for the long term. Our repair solutions for leaking foundation cracks include using bitumen-based barrier membranes and high-efficiency weeping tile systems, which give us the edge in reliability and allow for the most robust foundation repair warranty available today in the GTA. Experience the GJ MacRae difference for year-round basement leak repairs in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Georgetown. If you spot cracked foundation walls, leaky foundations, or any other basement waterproofing issues in your house, reach out and call us today at (905) 824-2557.

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