Basement Waterproofing Services : Save your Walls


“Quality is doing things right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford




6 Step Repair Process:


Determine Origin of Leak

Determine the moisture or water entry location to help us determine the origin of the leak into your basement.

The Right Technique

Beware of interior injections and exotic repair methods. Trust the solutions that have truly stood the test of time.

Underground Services

If excavation is taking place on the exterior of home, be sure all underground services are marked prior to breaking ground.

Remedy For The Future

Basement waterproofing is amongst the most expensive repair a homeowner can undertake; oftentimes there is only one chance to get it right!

Cost Vs Workmanship

With dozens of contractors out there be sure you are getting what you pay for. Beware of the recently saturated marketplace.


Maintain your eavestrough and downspouts year-round; ensure your grade is positively pitched away from foundation walls.


What is the difference between hand excavation and machine?

Hand excavation affords less overall damage to the property and its surroundings. Heavy machinery is also difficult to operate in tight-access residential situations. Overall, we prefer hand excavation over machinery wherever possible.

What time of year can this type of work be completed in?

Exterior and interior foundation repair and waterproofing can be completed by an experienced crew at any time during the year, but keep in mind that heavy rains and snow storms can slow the progress.

Do I need to obtain a permit for this work?

Generally speaking, waterproofing and drainage considerations do not require permits as the structure of your home is not being changed in anyway. However, permits are required for underpinning and major structural repairs.

If digging from the outside, what about my gardens and shrubs?

Our hand excavation waterproofing process protects the esthetics of your home in a way that machine excavation is not capable of doing. Interlocking stone, garden beds and shrubbery can be reinstalled with minimal effect to the esthetics of the property.

Do you lay down tarps before work starts?

Yes. As excavations take place tarps separate the excavated soil from contaminating your grounds. Once our backfill is complete, the grounds are restored to their original condition.

Does insurance typically cover this work?

Generally speaking, residential insurance policies do not cover foundation seepage or cracks in the foundation walls unless these protections were specifically instituted at the onset of your policy. For more information, call your insurance company directly.

What about my interlocking patio or walkway?

After completion of repairs, the soil is back-filled and power tamped to ensure minimal overall settlement. Our crews can then reinstall your interlocking patio.

Do you recommend a battery backup system for my sump pump?

Most power outages occur during large storms, which is precisely the time that you need your sump pump working at peak performance. Battery backup systems guarantee sump pump evacuation regardless of essential service outages.

Do my eavestroughs really affect the integrity of my foundation walls?

Absolutely. Upwards of 85% of foundation issues originate from blocked or improperly installed eavestrough, fascia and/or downspouts. Trough maintenance is crucial.

Should I ever backfill a repair completely with gravel?

Gravel should only be installed around the weeping tile system at footing level. Native soil is always recommended to be returned to an excavation after repairs have been complete. Complete gravel backfills are not recommended.

Do you locate underground services before the work begins?

Yes. We take care of all below-grade service locates prior to any excavations taking place. These locates includes Hydro, Gas and Data (but may not include any third-party lines)

Do you recommend hiring an engineer for my project?

An engineer is not required for every project, but in the event that a P. Eng is required you can provide a structural engineer of your choosing or we can provide one for you. Overall, engineers are key to underscoring clarity and determining overall specifications for large-scope projects. Their knowledge and insight is second to none.

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