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Basement Window Leaking Problem? Window Wells Can Help

Window installations in a basement are great for natural light and ventilation, but improperly draining window wells can spell disaster during heavy rains. Due to improper grading and lack of waterproofing, rainwater can start to collect around foundation walls and leak through the window frame. Then, in no time, your basement starts to flood, and we all know the horrors of a leaky basement.

The solution: properly waterproofed window wells! Plus, correctly installed window wells allow for a larger basement window installation, better ventilation, and more natural light in your basement. Essentially, window wells are recesses in the ground that are dug around the foundation walls to help you install windows below the ground. However, more than replacing a window well alone is needed to solve the problem of a leaky window seal. When combined with a properly waterproofed foundation wall and vertical drainage system, window wells are the solution to a leaky basement window. Additionally, the weeping tile system needs to be in working order at the window wells’ base, allowing the proper drainage of water collected in the well.

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Window Well Installation Experts in Toronto!

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair is one of the best basement waterproofing companies in Toronto and has been providing window well installation services in Toronto for nearly 50 years. We offer a complete window well package that includes window well installation, window well drainage installation, and window well covers.

Having window wells around your basement windows is extremely important to prevent leakage, and we are here to help. If you ever need installation or repairs to window wells or window well drainage in your basement, remember GJ MacRae, the best window well installation contractor in Toronto. We have served over 10,000+ customers in the last five decades and can provide the highest quality basement waterproofing solutions in the GTA.

Benefits Of Window Wells With Drainage


Natural Lighting

A fantastic benefit to a properly functioning window well is the natural light they provide to your basement. Most basements are below the ground and receive minimal lighting, but properly installed window wells allow you to install larger window openings in your basement to get more natural light all year!


Better Air Circulation

Basements can be musty and have a very damp smell due to the walls being constantly wet, but having more oversized windows can allow for better air circulation.


Emergency Exit

Basement window wells also serve as an emergency exit for dangerous situations like fire or burglary. Installing window wells gives you enough space to exit and reach a safe place in times of crisis.


Compliance with Law

Building codes and insurance policies now require residential buildings with basement windows to install window wells for safety.

Our Interior Basement Waterproofing Process


The first step in a window well repair is excavation. We manually excavate the soil to the required dimensions until we reach the weeping tile system at the footings. Then, we check the weeping tile and replace it if necessary.


We repair any cracks in the exposed foundation wall and apply a layer of primer to the exposed walls after thoroughly cleaning them with a wire brush. We then use a rubberized membrane, a fiberglass mesh layer, and another layer of rubberized membrane.


A layer of plastic is then applied, followed by a drainage board installation over the plastic layer. This helps to drain ground water towards the weeping tile system and protects soil backfilling.


The next step is to install a fresh 4-inch vertical drain from the weeping tile to the bottom ledge of the window well opening (at grade level). This vertical drain is vital to draining the window well during heavy rains.


We installed the window well in the pit and fastened it to the foundation walls. Then, the window well is appropriately installed and tightly attached to the foundation walls.


We then put around 8″ inches of ¾” clear gravel on top of the 4” vertical drain, and the exterior of the window wells are backfilled with the native soil. We then power tamp to ensure the natural grading is recovered.


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Some Kind Words From Our Customers

Maria Aleman
Maria Aleman
Dean, came out right away after we noticed water in our basement and provided an estimate. Communication with him was easy and he answered all my questions. Work was done within the week. I had a great experience and will recommend to others.
Jakob Backstrom
Jakob Backstrom
Gavin and his team did a great job. Right from quoting the job I had confidence they can do the job well and had the experience. Great videos on their website really help you understand what’s involved in foundation repair.
Job was done in 2 days which I was amazed it could be done that quickly! That’s a lot of pails of concrete and rock that had to be shuttled in and out of the house! The guys were all very friendly and let me know everything that was being done and answered all my questions! The bowed wall looks solidly supported now with carbon fibre strapping and the water found beneath the floor is now being safely routed through newly installed Plastic Weeper to our sump. We now have peace of mind that we can finish the basement with no leaks or crumbling walls! Thankyou Gavin, Maggi, Ricardo and Jay!
Debra Gold
Debra Gold
We would like to express our gratitude to G.J. McRae for the exceptional job they did in restoring our peace of mind. Every time it rained or snowed, our basement would leak, causing us great distress. However, the crew from G.J. McRae arrived promptly, worked diligently, and efficiently resolved the issue. They even left our backyard in excellent condition, cleaning up after themselves. We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service and for making us feel confident that the problem is now completely resolved. We are so happy to be able to not worry about this any longer.
Tricia LaDouceur
Tricia LaDouceur
Workers were on time and professional. Quality and value for money. My only issue was the concrete poured was a little uneven causing a small lip near the drain. We managed to smooth it out. Would highly recommend GJ MacRae Foundation Repair.
John Prostran
John Prostran
Very happy with the work done by the GJ Macrae team. Recommend them to anyone for the quality of their work and the amazing warranty, that provides a piece of mind, that they have.
Jane Ingman
Jane Ingman
Everything went smoothly with the work we had down by GJ MacRae. Our issues included masonry stair repair, foundation cracks and parging that badly needed replacement. The resulting process was a look that exceeded how the house looked when it was first built. The quoting process and communication with Dean was very professional and timely. The onsite crew was very tidy and quick. I would not hesitate to recommend!
Jay Murray
Jay Murray
Our window well was backing up. The crew came in hand dug down over 8 feet. They put in proper drainage and moisture protective membrane the area. Filled everything back in and made it look better than it was. 100% recommend using them again. Thanks you for all the work
John T
John T
Gavin and his team were able to sort out a couple of VERY strange basement leaks after a renovation by others. Their detective work took into account the odd symptoms and they were able to resolve the issues permanently at a reasonable price. The cleanup afterwards was excellent – an important feature for us – as it demonstrates the overall workmanship. You may need to wait a fair amount of time for a response to emails if your issue is non-urgent / small job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing a basement prevents water from entering a building or home’s basement foundation wall or crawl space. It is crucial because water damage can result from structural issues, mold development, and health risks.

Heavy rain or snow, poor grading, blocked gutters or downspouts, foundation cracks, and hydrostatic pressure are typical causes of basement water damage.

Mold development, musty smells, moist walls or flooring, water stains, water pooling, and mold indicate a wet basement. If you see any of these symptoms, your basement may require waterproofing.

Interior and exterior waterproofing are the primary repair techniques that may be used during foundation repair. Exterior waterproofing entails placing a rubberized membrane on the outside of the foundation walls, and interior waterproofing entails installing a drainage system and sump pump inside the basement. To move water away from the home, exterior French drain installations may entail constructing a perforated pipe around the foundation perimeter.

Even though there are some DIY basement waterproofing kits on the market, it is often advised that you employ a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and prevent any potential mistakes that might lead to more water damage.

The basement’s size, condition, and waterproofing technique can all affect how long and how much it will cost to waterproof a basement. If you want a more precise estimate, it is advisable to contact a specialist.

Depending on the contractor, different waterproofing services may have a warranty or guarantee. When choosing a contractor, it’s crucial to inquire about warranties or guarantees and to check the fine print before signing any contracts.

Yes, by preventing possible water damage and mold development, which may be expensive to fix, basement waterproofing can raise the value of your property.

Expert Waterproofing Services for Your Home

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been the industry leader for reliable basement waterproofing in the Greater Toronto Area Since 1975. Nearly five decades of experience inform our proven multi-stage repair process based on below-grade drainage considerations that allow us to waterproof concrete blocks, poured walls, and stone rubble foundation walls properly for the long term. Our repair solutions for leaking foundation cracks include using bitumen-based barrier membranes and high-efficiency weeping tile systems, which give us the edge in reliability and allow for the most robust foundation repair warranty available today in the GTA. Experience the GJ MacRae difference for year-round basement leak repairs in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Georgetown. If you spot cracked foundation walls, leaky foundations, or any other basement waterproofing issues in your house, reach out and call us today at (905) 824-2557.

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