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Toronto Homeowners: Foundation Issues During Winter

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Written and Edited By Gavin MacRae

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As you prepare your home for the snow and winter months it is important to consider possible foundation issues. For example, the effects that ground thaw has, and how it can cause major structural damages to exposed foundation walls and cracks. Freezing and thawing of the ground are accelerators attributing to the appearance of foundation cracks in your home. They may not appear for years, but after a hard winter followed by a thaw, you will tend to see them emerge more rapidly.

Foundation issues can include cracks which over time are quite common, especially in the Toronto area.

Cracks in foundations can inevitably decrease your home’s value by 10-20% (or more if not properly addressed). Once detected, it’s best to call a waterproofing specialist to diagnose the cause and repair the cracks before water begins to seep through and causes further damage.

The problem starts when water seeps through untreated basement cracks and walls. Not only does this pose an issue to the structure itself, but it can also be a serious health concern due to the growth of mold.

Some warning signs that you may be in trouble are:

  • Cracks that take the form of steps in block walls
  • Overall ‘below-grade’ water penetration
  • Movement in of foundation walls
  • Cracks in the basement floor
  • Vertical rise of water through concrete floor

Fixing cracks and foundations should never be the job of a homeowner. The most important part is finding the source of the problem, which in most cases can only be determined by a foundation specialist. When deciding on the right plan moving forward, you will need someone who can identify and remedy the root issues that are contributing to your foundation problems.

Be sure to ask the right questions and always make sure the work is guaranteed. This will help you avoid inexperienced, expensive and unqualified contractors.

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