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How Much Do Foundation Crack Repairs Cost?

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how much does foundation repair cost

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The foundation is the base upon which the entire building structure lays. In a true sense, the foundation is the root that anchors the building to the ground, providing stability and support for the construction up above. A common yet concerning issue for residential and commercial buildings is the foundation cracks that develop over time. The tiny cracks you witness in the starting phase can turn into huge ones that lead to structural issues such as wall cracks, water leakage, squeaky floors, etc. Left untreated, foundation issues pose a risk to the safety and durability of the building. Proper maintenance is necessary to prevent foundation issues such as cracks from extending further and causing severe damage.

Understanding the foundation repair cost in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas is crucial to making a prompt decision to save the integrity of your building. The pricing for the repair differs depending on the severity of the foundation crack and the structural problems. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information on foundation repair.

Types of House Foundations

Foundation crack repair cost depends on the foundation type of your building, as your foundation is a crucial factor in determining the problem and its repair method. Below, we’ve listed the different kinds of house foundations to help you understand the gravity of their damage.

Concrete Slab

A concrete slab foundation is built of concrete placed into the slab’s perimeter, called footings. Based on the soil type and the loads in each area, the engineer determines the size of the footing. Cracks and moisture issues are common problems this type of foundation encounters. It is the easiest repair, and it can be fixed with sealing. The cost ranges from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the severity of the damage. If you need to build a new concrete slab, the price is between $3,600 and $7,200.

Pier and Beam

A building built with a pier-and-beam foundation lies about 18 inches off the ground on piers supported by beams. Due to the shifting of soil and moisture seeping into the foundation, settling and wood decay are common problems with this type of foundation. The repair involves replacing wooden beams with steel, installing foundation pilings deeper into the piers, and installing a sump pump to flush out moisture issues. The repair costs around $700 to $25,000.

Crawl Space

Crawl space foundations are built using concrete, block, or wood walls for added height. A well-built crawl space foundation is well-ventilated and doesn’t have moisture buildup or issues leading from it. However, typical issues with crawl spaces are structural sagging because of rot-weakened wood, the distance between support columns spaced too far, and moisture problems. Since there is space to access the foundation from both sides, crawl space foundations are relatively more straightforward, with repair costing $2,500 to $8,000 on average.

Brick and Cinder Block

This foundation consists of cinder blocks or bricks with mortar in between. The blocks are placed in an overlapping fashion and laid with concrete for strength. The brick and cinder block foundations are prone to cracking, moisture leaks, and bowing along the mortar lines. Fixing moisture leaks with waterproofing and sealing, replacing mortar, and reinforcing the foundation is a common repair practice. Depending on the level and location of damage, the repair cost ranges from $500 to $2,5000.

Early Signs of Foundation Crack Damage

Not all foundation crack repair costs are hefty, but when you neglect the repair work for a prolonged period, the cost might cause a dent in your wallet. You can protect your finances and your property, but identifying the foundation crack issues early on. Here are some early signs of foundation cracks:

  • Prominent lines or large cracks on your walls
  • Wall sagging, bowing or crumbling
  • Difficult in closing or opening doors and windows due to foundation shift
  • Water accumulating around the foundation of your home
  • Leaky basement
  • The growth of mold and mildew in your basement walls
  • Bouncy and squeaky noise from floors and walls
  • Separation of expansion joints in the foundation or brickwork

Foundation Repair Cost Breakdown

Depending on the type of foundation, the extent of the damage, and the repair work that fits the best to fix the issues, the cost of foundation repair differs case by case. Here, we’ve listed down the different home foundation issues, their repair methods, and their cost.

Foundation Issue Estimated Average Cost Repair Method
Foundation crack $250 – $800 (per crack cost depending on the size)
  • Epoxy injection
  • Crack stitching
Foundation leak $2,000 – $12,000
  • Crack sealing
  • Installing/repairing drainage system
  • Waterproofing
Foundation Settling or Sinking $4,500 – $20,000
  • Mudjacking
  • Piering
  • Helical piers
Bowing Walls $5,000 – $15,000
  • Installation of wall anchors (metal rods or brackets)
  • Installation of carbon fiber straps
  • Helical tiebacks

Factors that Influence Foundation Repair Cost

Several different factors influence the cost of foundation repair. The factors that can significantly impact the overall expense are listed below:

Extent of Damage

The severity and scope of the foundation damage will directly affect the repair cost. Minor cracks and settling issues might be less expensive to fix than major structural problems or widespread damage.

Soil Conditions

The type of soil and its stability around the foundation can influence the foundation repair cost. Expansive clay soils are more prone to causing foundation problems and might necessitate more repair solutions that are elaborate and sturdy.

Method of Repair

Various repair methods, such as underpinning, slab jacking, or the installation of piers, have different costs. The choice of method depends on the specific foundation issues and the recommendations of a structural engineer.


The ease of access to the damaged area can affect labour and equipment costs. If the foundation is difficult to reach or requires the removal of landscaping or other obstacles, the repair process can become more expensive.

Labor, Permit and Material

Labor charges and materials that go into fixing the foundation are essential aspects that account for the cost. On average, the per-hour cost of labor for foundation repair starts at $200, and the more time it takes to fix the issue, the more the total cost spikes. Similarly, for minor foundation repair, you won’t require a permit from the local authorities, but it adds to your cost for major repair works that require permits.

Finding the Foundation Repair

Experts in Toronto
Paying early attention to foundation cracks is not just a wise step for affordable repair work, but is an investment for the stability, integrity and safety of your house. By addressing foundation issues promptly, you can prevent further damage to your property and avoid various issues that foundation cracks can lead to. Since the foundation is a crucial area of your property, leaving it in the hands of a professional guarantees a job done right. Since 1975, Wet Basement has been a foundation repair expert in Greater Toronto and the surrounding area, delivering quality service and ensuring your home remains a safe and stable haven for you and your family.

It can also prevent damage to your property and avoid other issues. We have years of experience providing foundation repair services in Windsor. If you’d like to know more about what we do or get a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today. For foundation inspection, restoration, or replacement, contact us today, and we’ll make your foundation solid and sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Foundation Damage be Fixed?

Foundation repair can be as basic as repairing minor cracks to prevent water from seeping and extending the crack further using a crack injection. Severe foundation cracks might require parading or underpinning. Still, the majority of structural issues can be fixed.

What is The Estimated Time to Complete A Foundation Repair Work?

The timeframe for foundation crack repair depends on various factors, including the severity of the damage, the type of foundation crack repair work, accessibility, and weather conditions. Depending on these factors, the work can take a few days to even weeks.

Is There a Best Time of The Year For Foundation Repair Work?

Spring and summer, the ideal seasons for foundation repairs, provide the perfect weather conditions. During this time, the soil is drier and firmer, making it easier for heavy equipment to access the foundation and surrounding area. This convenience should encourage you to consider addressing your foundation issues during these seasons.

Gavin MacRae is a professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has extensive knowledge about foundation issues such as settlement, and cracks as well as expertise in repair techniques. Gavin is also highly skilled in basement waterproofing using interior and exterior methods. He has worked with hundreds of homeowners to provide permanent solutions to foundation and basement problems.