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Is Your Foundation is in Trouble: Part Two

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Written and Edited By Gavin MacRae

is your foundation in trouble

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Your foundation impacts your entire home. It is the literal base that your home sits upon and therefore keeping your foundation healthy is very important. This blog will look more into different ways that you can tell if your foundation is trouble and if you should contact the foundation repair experts at GJ MacRae.

Wall Cracks

If you notice cracks in the walls of your home, your foundation may be in trouble. Keep reading to learn more about how to tell if you have wall cracks and the causes of wall cracks.

Signs You Have Wall Cracks

There are several different ways to identify if you have wall cracks, regardless of the finishing of your walls. One of the simplest ways to tell if you have wall cracks is to look for them. These cracks typically occur around the corners of windows and around doorways. These cracks can occur on any floor of your home, or even on multiple floors in different rooms.

Another way to identify wall cracks is to look for previous repairs. Many homeowners repair walls because they assume the cracks are from age and then notice that the repair does not hold. This can be caused by the foundation settling or shifting. If you are not the original owner of a home, take a look around for areas that have previously been repaired. If you notice some patches that have been repaired, this can be a sign that your foundation needs to be examined by a professional.

Another way to identify wall issues that are being caused by a foundation issue is by looking for nail heads. Nail pops are flaws in the walls of a home where the nails in the drywall have come loose and popped through the drywall. This can be caused by the foundation shifting or settling which can cause foundation cracks.

Causes of Wall Cracks

There are several different reasons why your walls may have cracks in them. One of the main reasons that walls tend to crack in homes is when the foundation of the home is in trouble. Sinking foundations or even simple foundation cracks can cause foundations to shift. This shift is felt in all of your home, including the walls, which can result in cracks and damage. If you notice cracks in your walls, the issue may be much greater than cosmetic. Contact the foundation repair experts at GJ MacRae if you notice cracks in your walls.

Floor Cracks & Uneven Floors

Just like cracks on your walls, cracks on your floor can mean that your foundation is in trouble. It is important to check your home regularly for cracks in your floor. These cracks can mean that your foundation is in trouble.

Another element of your home that you should monitor is the levelness of your home’s floors. Uneven floors can mean more than just an older home, they can mean that your foundation is in trouble. When foundations shift or settle they can crack. This movement can cause floors to become uneven. If you notice cracks or uneven flooring in your home, contact the foundation repair experts at GJ MacRae. Our team will be able to determine what the cause is, and work with you to develop a plan to fix it!

Foundation Heave

A great way to tell if your foundation is in trouble is if you notice foundation heave. This foundation issue occurs when a foundation is forced upwards by the expansion of soil underneath it. This issue is caused by an increase in moisture in the soil or even it freezes. Foundation heave can also be caused by plumbing leaks and heavy precipitation. Unless you live in an area that experiences extensive droughts, this issue typically occurs during the first few years of the building’s construction.

This foundation issue can result in many different identifiable signs in your home. Some of these include:

  • Cracks on the inside walls
  • Cracks on the outside walls
  • Cracks on the concrete floor slab
  • Tilting sections of floor slabs

Since there are several causes for foundation heave. If you notice that you have any of the above-listed signs of foundation heave, contact the foundation experts at GJ MacRae immediately. Our team will be able to identify the issue and provide you with a plan of action before the problem escalates. It is important to choose the right contractors for this repair as foundation settlement and foundation heave have similar symptoms. Our team is trained, well seasoned, and can help provide you with the proper diagnosis followed by the right solution.

Sticking Windows and Doors

You may not think your windows or doors sticking is anything to worry about, but it can actually be a sign that your foundation is in trouble. When foundations shift or settle, they can cause the walls and floors to shift which can impact the way that your doors and windows open. If you notice that you’re having trouble opening or closing a door, contact the GJ MacRae team! We will visit your home, assess the situation, and determine the best course of action to ensure that your home is safe!

The GJ MacRae Difference

When you choose to work with GJ MacRae, you’re choosing to work with a team of experts. Our team has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area since the 1970s. We are a family-owned business who ensures that every client we have is treated as a member of our family. We are homeowners too, and we ensure that our clients receive the same repairs that we would perform in our own homes! We also offer a 15-year transferable warranty. That means that once we repair your foundation, even if you sell your home, the warranty will still be valid for the new owners! That shows how confident we are in the quality of our foundation repairs. If your foundation is in trouble, contact us today!

Gavin MacRae is a professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has extensive knowledge about foundation issues such as settlement, and cracks as well as expertise in repair techniques. Gavin is also highly skilled in basement waterproofing using interior and exterior methods. He has worked with hundreds of homeowners to provide permanent solutions to foundation and basement problems.