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How Inspections Prevent Leaky Basements

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Now that winter has supposedly left us, it’s time to determine if the winter season caused any damage to your home, most importantly a leaking basement. We’re all aware of how dreadful and chaotic winter can be, that’s why it’s extremely important to inspect your home’s foundation, downspouts, window wells, and eaves troughs to help prevent a leaking basement and damage from flooding. With the warmer weather making an appearance, it will be much easier to determine if any serious damage has occurred.

A detailed walkthrough of your home can help you locate any trouble spots. During the snow-covered months, downspouts can easily be disconnected from your eaves troughs. Any downspout that has been disconnected can result in water finding its way into your home, especially your basement. Any ice or snow that usually prevents you from spotting any disconnected downspouts should have melted (depending where you are located), meaning you will be able to correct the issue immediately. Reconnecting and securing all of your downspouts is essential to ensuring any water is directed away from your foundation. You shouldn’t stop at inspecting your downspouts, as the eaves troughs are just as important. Make sure all of your eaves troughs are clean, clear of debris, and free of any damage. Similar to downspouts, properly functioning eaves troughs are essential in directing water away from your home. Cleaning your eaves troughs can be a hassle and time-consuming, but it’s an extremely effective measure to prevent any water from entering your home. Springtime maintenance should be considered mandatory for homeowners. It’s much better to be proactive than reactive.

While performing your inspection, be mindful of any window wells your home may have. Since window wells may be situated in colder and shadier spots, there may be leftover snow. Ensure you clear any remaining snow away from your window wells, as it can potentially enter your basement once it melts. While clearing any leftover snow, be sure to clear any other debris as well. Your window wells should be clean and clear of any obstructions, or you risk having water-related issues.

Performing any of our suggested maintenance tips will help prevent water from entering your basement, and potentially causing a flood. A leaking basement means water damage is happening and that can be an extremely expensive issue to resolve, so do your bank account a favor and perform a detailed inspection of your foundation, downspouts, window wells, and eaves troughs.

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