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Basement Underpinning and IBEAM Replacement (Milton)

Remove side window insert and frame with timber for clear outward access. Once beam access is opened, fasten timber plankage to existing interior joist work and install vertical iron shoring along complete the length of existing load bearing interior brick wall. Slowly begin lifting structure off existing interior load bearing wall and secure the above structural load. Once vertical structure and joist work is secured, remove existing load bearing brick wall and columns from basement and dispose. Install fresh IBEAMS into place beneath existing timber joist work. Install fresh vertical iron posts and plate where beams connect and install three engineer specified concrete footings at finished floor height.

Fasten new vertical posts to fresh IBEAMS with approved hardware and pocket fresh IBEAMS into foundation walls on both ends. Once post footings and pockets are cured, remove shoring and all debris from basement. Begin initial underpinning sections around complete perimeter of interior foundation walls at approximately 36”-42” increments. Excavate underpins by hand and clean underside of footing with wire brush. Apply masonry adhesive to underside of footings and install rebar into formwork. Once underpins are prepared, build and install timber forms. Forms shall accommodate positive concrete adhesion to underside of existing footings (overflow method) and allow for a void less encapsulation of existing structure to fresh underpins achieving a complete watertight seal (non-grout installation method). Fill forms with 25 MPa concrete and install needle vibrator.

Once primary underpins are completed repeat process around entire interior perimeter, staggered into pre-determined sectionals. Once full interior perimeter detail is complete, inspected and certified, prepare for complete excavation of basement floor by hand. Frame up and fasten existing hot water tank and furnace to joist work. Begin excavation of debris through side access window directly to disposal bin on driveway (with additional soil to be removed to accommodate styrofoam heated floor inserts). Once full excavation of underpinned sectionals has concluded, remove timber forms and install a complete 4” interior weeping tile system with filter cloth.

Chip all loose debris from foundation walls and repair all masonry voids in existing foundation walls with S-type masonry. Once cured, fasten drainage board around complete interior perimeter from grade to base of fresh underpins. At both ends of fresh IBEAM pockets build two block buttress installations (8” x 12”) and connect to fresh IBEAMS above.

Form and pour proposed strip footing to engineering dimension and let cure. Install sump box next to proposed services area. Connect fresh 4“ weeping tile system into proposed sump box and install a 1/3hp cast iron oil cooled hydromatic sump pump with check valve into sump basin. Install 8” of ¾” clear gravel throughout entire basement foor. Once level and complete, proposed plumbing rough-in modifications are to take place. Once full structural and plumbing inspections are completed, install a 4” concrete floor by hand and float to a glass finish.

Lock side access window with timber. Remove and dump all debris. All labour and materials included. Plumbing rough in, heated floor and marbleized concrete floor finish not included in price.

Expert Waterproofing Services for Your Home

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been the industry leader for reliable basement waterproofing in the Greater Toronto Area Since 1975. Nearly five decades of experience inform our proven multi-stage repair process based on below-grade drainage considerations that allow us to waterproof concrete blocks, poured walls, and stone rubble foundation walls properly for the long term. Our repair solutions for leaking foundation cracks include using bitumen-based barrier membranes and high-efficiency weeping tile systems, which give us the edge in reliability and allow for the most robust foundation repair warranty available today in the GTA. Experience the GJ MacRae difference for year-round basement leak repairs in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Georgetown. If you spot cracked foundation walls, leaky foundations, or any other basement waterproofing issues in your house, reach out and call us today at (905) 824-2557.

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